Country of Contrasts: Welcome To Aotearoa

Distinctive culture and nature. Huge and breathtaking mountains, transparent lakes, rare and unseen flora and fauna – welcome to an island country New Zealand in the Pacific Ocean, the furthest country from Denmark.

New Zealand - Queenstown

Experiencing the second summer in 2012 was a great opportunity after I have come to New Zealand. Knowing that Europe is suffering from the cold weather, I was enjoying fresh pineapple juice in the Papamoa beach and putting the sun cream on – sun in New Zealand is very strong. And now a little about the furthest country from Denmark.

The first inhabitants in New Zealand were Polynesians, who have developed a distinctive Maori culture, consisting of Maori language, distinctive Polynesian myths and traditions. Nowadays, Maori language is still used in New Zealand (though English is the first language), however, it has become more or less a “fashionable habit” language, where youngsters would put 2 or 3 Maori words in their daily English usage.

The great majority of New Zealand’s population has got European ancestors (Pakeha in Maori) and recently, Asians have started coming to New Zealand because of better job and education opportunities. Therefore, New Zealand has become a very international and vibrant country, consisting of numerous nationalities and a mixture of different cultures from all around the world.

New Zealand

Kiwis (i.e. New Zealanders) love to spend their time outdoors is way different than we are used to in Europe. Passion and interest to their time fishing, running, windsurfing, yachting or simply barbequing and playing Frisbee. Well, it’s probably not much of a surprise thinking that New Zealand is a subtropical country that can provide all this regardless of weather differences… Since it’s relatively warm all the time in the Northern Island, though it gets cool in the Southern island in their winter time (i.e. European summer: June, July and August). Since New Zealand is a warm country with breathtaking views and outdoors culture, New Zealand can provide tourists with the great range of outdoor attractions, starting with sightseeing and canoeing and finishing with extreme sports, such as sky-diving or bungee jumping. Due to its distinctive nature, majority of tourists, certainly, enjoy sightseeing, water sports and skiing, though New Zealand’s insurance system has certainly encouraged Kiwis to take up extreme sports: in case one is being injured during the activity, New Zealand provides one with the needed medical treatment free of charge.

Both islands are quite different in terms of weather and nature. The climate of the North Island is subtropical, making the temperature mild and gentle. The largest city in the Northern island is Auckland, and the capital Wellington, which is smaller in its population. The Southern island is way colder compared to the Northern island and the largest cities include Dunedin and Christchurch which 2 years ago, unfortunately, has nearly been destroyed by a major earthquake.

A mixture of Maori traditions and current modernism is bringing a lot of fresh ideas and new perspectives to both daily life as well as art of New Zealand, which makes tourists want to come back for all New Zealand can supply with: breathtaking activities and distinctive cultures that one can find only there: in the further country on Earth from Denmark.

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