Clothing Design + Interior Design = ?

If you are wondering why these two, seemingly, different areas are quite equal, I’ll try to explain the idea that lies behind. This is just my personal opinion but I believe that most of you girls would agree with what I have noticed. Well, clothing design, packaging design, graphic design, interior design… what do they have in common? Design is design, no matter what kind of design that is. Sometimes even lines, textures and styles are related but not everybody catches a sight of it.

Dresses everywhere

What catches your eye first when you flip through the fashion magazine? Probably the answer would be a model wearing some fashionable clothes. But have you ever peeked deeper? Almost every photo has at least one secondary detail which helps to make a photo totally finished and perfect. This detail could be a field, roof, bus, chair or any other interior detail which is more preferable for me.

Blue blue blues

Clothing design and interior design are very close. If you fall in love with one, you can’t ignore the other. If you want to live in a harmonic interior you will also want to look respectively and vice versa…

flying chairs

please eat!

Did I force to think and look deeper? Let me guide you slowly through the photos and you will definitely take a notice of both: clothes and interior details. You should also note that clothes style are extremely similar to the interior style… and vice versa, as if they merged together into a great synergy, complementing and perfecting one another.


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