Movie Night

Going to the movies is probably the most common thing to do when hitting the town. Personally, I am a huge movie lover, so I thought of sharing one of my favorite cinemas in town.

There are several you can choose from, but the most accessible ones are BioCIty and Cinemaxx because they can be found downtown. They both have their own charm, but Cinemaxx is the place I go to almost every time. Before getting into more details, there are three things that are useful to know.

First of all, you can find when movies are rolling by accessing Here you can find all the cinemas where the movie you want to see is rolling and not the other way around. Second, the cinemas here normally offer a membership service. This gives clients the opportunity to receive points when purchasing tickets or beverages and be invited to special events or premieres. It’s free to become a member and in exchange you receive a card that you need to use in order to gather points. Third and most exciting, every Tuesday is Telia Tirsdag. If you have a Telia number you have the opportunity to buy two movie tickets at the price of one every Tuesday. The only condition is that the movie you want to go to starts between 18:00 and 20:30. In order to get this offer, you have to send an SMS from your Telia number to 1220 with the text 2FOR1 or download the Telia Tirsdag mobile app. Either way, you will receive a code that you can use for the discount. But be careful, there is a limit number of codes, so try to get it as soon as possible!

Now let’s get back to Cinemaxx. You can find it in Bruun’s Galleri, at the upper floor.



CinemaxxxI don’t think there are a lot of things to say about it that can “amaze” you since we all went to the cinema at least once. But what makes me choose it over the others are its various movie offerings that probably have to do with the fact that it’s Denmark’s 2nd largest cinema, the really comfortable and new movie halls, delicious nachos and sweets. If you just arrived in Aarhus, it’s good to know that you can make your own candy bags on the spot, it’s quite fun!


Also, you can have your own romantic moment in the company of beautiful city sights when waiting for the movie to start.


Have a great movie night!

Adina Helen Florescu

Leisure Journalist

My name is Adina and I am addicted to uncovering new corners of the world, starting with Aarhus, my Danish home. Before I started blogging, I thought of telling you a few words about myself. My hometown is Bucharest, Romania and I've been in Denmark for a little over 3 years now. I am a Bachelor student in Marketing and Management Communication at Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences. In the meantime, I work as a student assistant for a virtual community of researchers within Aarhus University and as a marketing assistant for a Danish handmade jewelry webshob called Vera Vega. Christmas is my favorite time of the year, I would never say no to a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream and I value the time spent with my close ones more than anything. Now that you know a few things about me, let’s get down to business.

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