Café Grene

Walking down the main walking street in downtown in Aarhus there is a magazine called Søstrene Grene. As you wonder inside you stumble upon a pair of moving stairway which invites you to the second floor, where you can enjoy a cup of warm tea in  Café Grene.

Cafe Grene 3

And there it is, Café Grene , a small, cozy café within the shop accompanied by tasteful furniture fit for any type of person and such a relaxing ambient music. The food is cheap and delicious compared to other places, and you have a great variety of healthy dishes such as spinach pie, fruit tart, ecological juices and carrots, pasta salad and tomato soup. Likewise a great variety of choices of all included menus for different times of the day (e.g Breakfast). This is the perfect spot to just get away from the noisy and full street downstairs and enjoy a piece of relaxation and great company in a very chic and “secluded place” in which you can certainly enjoy a meal or a coffee in peace.

Cafe Grene 2

Cafe Grene 1

Since I love caffè latte (I probably tried it everywhere I go) and I must praise the price and quality of coffee latte in Café Grene.

Café Grene is opened from Monday-Thursday from 10 till 17:30, Fridays from 10 to 19:30 and Saturday 10 till 16.  Therefore give it a try and you won’t regret it, leave comments below with impressions.

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