Business You Can Start With Little (Or No) Money

Is it your dream to start a business? Do you want to make a living or at least get a little bit of income by doing what you actually love even though you don’t have a spare coin to invest in your business?┬áMany women nowadays are searching for a job that would let them do what they are passionate about and would give the flebility of working from home. If you want to start a business, we’ve got some ideas where cash is not a prerequisite.


If you are good at writing texts and (or) social media, it could be a good idea to offer your services for companies that need some help. Besides the fact that you could write it in your CV (and it’s a huge plus!), you would earn some money, too.


If you know a language that someone wants to learn, if you have a passion for arts or are a great dancer, why don’t you advertise what you are capable of doing? Teaching someone privately is a great way of earning some money as well as helping someone in reaching their goals.


If you find yourself having a passion in one specific area, it could be a good idea to start your own blog. Successful bloggers make their money through advertisements on their blogs as well as public appearances. The time of the blogger has come – some people say that bloggers have become even more influencial than popular magazines…

Personal Stylist

If you are passionate about fashion and love to shop, you could start a business as a personale stylist. It is relatively easy to open a blog where you could post what you are able to do as well as what inspired you. If you have an eye for what looks good, it could be a good job for you.

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