Bringing Danish Fashion to Europe: Copenhagen Fashion Week

Copenhagen Fashion Week

Copenhagen Fashion Week without a doubt must be the largest fashion-related festival in Denmark, where Danes as well as internationals can show off their most fascinating and interesting garments – as well as get inspiration on hairstyles, clothing and accessories. And this year, the event schedule looks even more promising than ever before.

One of the biggest advantages of such events as Fashion Weeks is an option to get quality products cheaper than usually – and see participate in trade shows where one can get to know about various brands and their products. And, during this year’s Copenhagen Fashion Week, customers are being promised to be able to get designers’ offerings from various places.¬†Gallery Int. Fashion Fair CPH will offer garments of 320 Danish designers, where garments are unique and never seen on trade shows before. VISION, a trade show is going to offer garments from more than 400 designers and is promising to make the¬†most dynamic and engaging fashion experience in Northern Europe. Trade shows this year will offer a number of various events, such as Egekilde Wake Up event (taking place in VISION Cph), VISION Cph Grand opening (worth seeing for sure!) , Crystal Hall Grand Opening Cocktail Party (taking place in CIFF), Cocktail Party hosted by Log lady (CIFF) and many more – depending on one’s taste and schedule availabilities.

This year, visitors of Copenhagen Fashion Week can be pleased to see 2,400 brands participating as well as offering their most modern and innovative pieces.

Nothing else to add than just the official tag line of the Copenhagen Fashion Week: “1 City – 4 Fairs – 46 Shows – 2,400 Brands – The Fashion Capital of Scandinavia”

For more detailed information regarding events please visit CFW webpage.

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