Why Do Bosses Hate Social Media?

When billionaire Warren Buffet registered on Twitter a month ago, it seemed that the users of Twitter had gone totally crazy. Within half an hour, he got over 30,000 followers all around the world, even though Mr. Buffet, so far, has tweeted only twice. It could’ve happened due to the fact that only a few well-known and popular people owning businesses actually do use social media…



One could differentiate social media according to users’ needs. Social media platforms can easily be categorized according to ones needs: socializing, networking, dating, inspirational and so forth. The best socializing platform, without a doubt, is perceived to be Facebook, professional networking – LinkedIn, whereas Pinterest and Instagram serves an inspirational purpose.

According to data, out of 500 most successful companies, based in US, only 28 CEOs have Twitter accounts and only 19 of them use the accounts personally. The reason why CEOs haven’t started using social media platforms is still a secret (though I guess it could be due to the lack of time and unwillingness to be visible?), yet it is visible that those, who actually start using social media platforms, can get a number of followers instantly. Such behaviour could easily be used for marketing purposes… Such leaders like Marissa Ann Mayer, a president and CEO of Yahoo! and Google’s spokesperson could be an example for the CEOs willing to go online, as she has successfully been using social media platforms to communicate with her audience. One thing to remember: she is young (38y.o.) and works for a computer-related company (well… Yahoo!).

Technology adoption

Let’s face a fact: the majority of wealthy CEOs are over 50. It makes sense why the older generation doesn’t use, nor is interested in using (or learning how to use…), computers and the internet. If they are wealthy and over 60, they probably understand that social media is not going to change their lives significantly as they probably have already got everything they need and want. Therefore, even though they might not even know where the “start” button on a computer is, they are not willing to invest time and stress due to the lack of knowledge, since they do not see the need of it. So if your boss is not a part of an early majority, there is very little change she/he will actually start using social media.


It is understandable that entrepreneur Richard Branson has something charming about himself, so that a majority of my peers see him as someone to look up to. However, sometimes such striving can be compared to stalking. When admirers are trying to figure out every single bit and piece of their favorite CEO’s (or their boss’) life, it can turn out to be a little too creepy – and the person will be left with a complete lack of private life. That is one of the reasons why a number of well-known people keep their private life to themselves (no Facebook sharing… no Twitter… no Instagram…), and that is probably the reason why there are a number of gossips that Branson doesn’t know how to use such things as ATM.

Bigger picture

Executives are high achievers and they usually have a rather more important things to worry about than their presence in social media, especially if the job is not related to social media at all. When students or graduates are fishing for networking opportunities and jobs, CEOs usually are fine with… whatever they have, as it’s already enough.

Executives are driven by the feeling of competition and in such cases, if they used social media, they would probably first of all check their competitor’s profile. But if competitors are not using social media… why should they?

Fact: The most popular social media platform is LinkedIn, which is used worldwide and, according to data, out of 500 Fortune executives only around 140 CEOs have their own profiles over there.

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