Book Review: “Get The Life You Want” by Richard Bandler

No, don’t be discouraged by a rather cheesy title. And no, it’s not just another self-help book for lost souls. The author is what makes all the difference.  Richard Bandler has worked in the field of personal change for decades and is co-founder of Neuro Linguistical Programming (NLP), a field of science (or maybe art?) which works with connections between language and behavior.  Courses with R. Bandler cost thousands of dollars, so unless you have no expenses to spare, a book seems like a cheap and practical option.

What I really like about this book is that almost all the theory about NLP, which can get pretty technical and academic, is taken out. All you are left with is usable and practical exercises which you can do on your own and without having to know all the complicated psychological background it is based on.

Cutting to the chase, there’s a short overview about what this book can help you with:

  • Changing old and harmful beliefs
  • Getting over bad relationships
  • Getting over fears
  • Getting over bad memories
  • Getting over bad decisions

and lots of other problems you might be facing.

The book is a clear bestseller and is really highly rated on Easy to read story-telling style followed by exercises makes it both practical and a great pleasure to read.

Bandler doesn’t focus on WHY you are messed up, he just works his magic to fix it. Will you actually get the life you want? Well, I’d say after the book you will spend time thinking what kind of life do you actually want.

Valentina Teodora Dumitrache

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