BODYNORDIC Argan Oil Hair Mask

BODYNORDIC is Danish designed skin and body care product line where the whole family – man, woman and children – can find something according to their needs. The line is designed for a price-conscious modern family, and this time I had a pleasure to try BODYNORDIC Argan oil Hair Mask. Comfortable packaging, pleasant smell and affordable price – three things that definitely make you buy the product. Yet is worth the money, you may ask?

Argan oil

In a packaging you will find 200ml of a relatively liquid hair mask, which is supposed to be used after towel-dried, yet still wet hair. Let the mast stay for about 10-15 minutes and then rinse with warm water. After a while you can enjoy soft, nice smelling hair!

According to BODYNORDIC, this Argan Oil Hair Mask is an extra nurturing and nourishing treatment that strenghtens and softens your hair. Pro-vitamin B5 adds shine, fullness and moisture to the hair.

One could see that the texture of the hair mask is relatively liquid, making it easy to apply on the hair. After having used it for a couple of weeks I noticed that my hair became softer and it seemed that the mask added some volume. Besides, the smell that your hair gets afterwards is very pleasant and stays for a long time.

Advantages: Low price (69DKK), pleasant smell, great texture and visible effect within a relatively short time.

Disadvantages: There are no significant disadvantages with the product itself, yet when ordering, you have to pay additionally for the shipping. Since BODYNORDIC promotes bundling shopping, shipping gets free only if you order for more than 500 DKK.

For more information and product purchase please click here.

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