Billion Dollar Brows: Is It Really Worth a Billion?

Taking care of one’s eyebrows is yet another ritual in a woman’s life. Like many things connected to a woman’s body, almost every woman has an issue with her own eyebrows. It’s either too thin or too thick. Too dark or too light. Thankfully, the make-up industry is there to help us!

Billion Dollar Brows

The importance of eyebrows in defining a woman’s look is usually understated. What a difference an eyebrow makes becomes clear ones a woman decides to visit a beauty parlor. I remember the first time I went and the pain of having my eyebrow hair tweezed out made me cry. But was it worth! My eyes looked bigger and I felt altogether more adult. What one told me though, is that it is a no-going back moment. Eyebrows will grow back and you will have to deal with it.

Billion Dollar Brows sells a kit that has anything one need: scissors, a tweezer, a universal brow pencil, and their exclusive, patented ‘brow buddy’. The brow buddy is a rather simple yet ingenious tool that helps defining the perfect eyebrow shape, pointing out the beginning, the arch and the end, which is then traced with the pencil. Anything that falls out of that perimeter can be tweezed out. Simple, right? This is, of course, in theory. In practice, even drawing a perimeter for your eyebrows is not as easy as it seems. You need a steady hand and good lights. Also, it is not that simple to understand where the pencil draws a line in your eyebrows. The outline I shaped was not much different from what my original shape was, so I did not find much to tweeze out if not small hair that were growing back.

From my experience with the kit, I can suggest that it becomes useful only when someone has not been to a beauty parlor in a long time and has not kept their eyebrows clean in the meantime. The easiest way to keep your eyebrows neat is, in fact, to have it done once by a professional, and then regularly tweezing the hair that grows back.

This kit costs $45 (circa kr. 250) on the Billion Dollar Brows website. It is overall not worth this much money. The tweezer is the highlight of the kit, it stands up to its promise “to grab every hair, every time.” The scissors in the kit as fairly useless, since probably everyone already has a similar pair anyway. The brow buddy instrument and the universal brow pencil are useful, but as mentioned previously you need to be quite skillful in using them before achieving good results.

As part of the kit I also got to try the brow duo pencil, concealer on one side and highlighter on the other. This one I would actually recommend. I never tried such a thing before, but its subtle effect does give an impression of neater and brighter look. The set of products altogether get a 7 out of 10!

Advantages: you get all that you need to take care of the eyebrows at once. No need to worry about buying the right products.

Disadvantages: the price, and it is still not very handy for those who are not used to take care of their eyebrows.

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