Bigger & Softer Lips WITHOUT Cosmetic Surgery

I have recently noticed that one of my friends has gotten bigger lips. Knowing that she is from a relatively wealthy family, I thought she could have done it with a help of a good cosmetic surgeon. Yet one day I noticed she would put some kind of lip gloss on her lips that had a shape I have never seen. It was a small bottle, that has changed her “love pilgrims”, as Shakespeare would say. (and I am sure even he would be amazed!)

I could not have been less polite, but I simply had to ask her what was it, what she did. And I was left with an amazement that she simply bought a lip plumper – a special kind of lip gloss having lip plumping effect. Such lipsticks and lip glosses accelerates blood circulation, making lips look fuller. After the usage one could feel a tingling, yet refreshing feeling. And the results are visible in about 15-30 seconds.

Generally, lip glosses and lipsticks that have plumping effect are a little more expensive. After having figured out an interesting plumping trick, I have tried 2 lip glosses myself. Certainly, you should not spend more than you can afford, but if possible, I would strongly advice to get one either from Dior (great colors, nice and smooth texture) or Too Faced. If you are seriously thinking in investing your money in a good, branded cosmetics, I will tell you one little secret: purchase it in the airport. You will notice that some products are even 50kr cheaper than in the city. For example, one of my favorites, Dior lip maximizer costs 256kr in the city and 204kr in Copenhagen’s airport.

Lip plumping is probably most beneficial for mature women over 40-ies, since over time lips become narrower and start losing their shape.

Lip plumper or a lip gloss having a plumping effect are not the only solutions. Did you know that you can get sexier, even more attractive lip looks if you would put a little bit of white eye shadow above your upper lip, in the center? In such case you would get the “full upper lip” effect immediately.

Viktorija Gorcakovaite

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