How to “Better Up” Life in 2 Months?

Two months. Nearly 61 days. Around 1464 hours. Over 87,840 minutes. And 5,270,400 seconds. That’s plenty of time to form new habits that will lead you to better, fuller, more interesting and happier life.

Scientists claim that it takes approximately 21 days to form a new habit. Of course, the time can vary widely depending on the behavior, certain circumstances and the person, however but it takes on average 21 days to get into the routine of doing something new, and 66 days to wire yourself to perform it automatically.  So 2 months (=61 days) is plenty of time to experience something new to program yourself to better, fuller & happier life.

1. Face Your Fears. Then, Conquer Them.

Are you afraid of heights? About time to challenge yourself and try bungee-jumping. Cannot stand public speaking? Join the local Toastmasters club. It takes guts to realize your flaws, and courage to deal with them. Research has found that repeated exposure to one’s fears lowers the psychological fear response until it is more manageable. Even more to that, it boosts self-confidence to the roof.

Fear limits your potential and is a great waste of your energy. Every moment you spend thinking of your I cannot, rather focus on bettering yourself to I can. Don’t dismiss your fears. Face them & conquer them instead!

2.Refine Your Goals

Setting goals and objectives is essential in any project. Even more so, if that project is… your life.

It’s a seemingly small change, however everything starts with baby steps: before you can change your life, you have to know who you are, where do you want to head and what really matters to you.

Refine your objectives and cultivate your goals. Once you have the “big picture” where you’re headed, it’s time to start planning and acting upon. Focus on an end objective (e.g. I want to become an engineer) and spare those 2 months on systematic improvements that will lead you towards your objective. It might seem that you have very little time, however every hour matters. Spend your time wisely.

We, humans, are visual creatures: if you can define your objectives on a vision board, even better! Move the visuals along the path to see and differentiate between the “start”, “in progress” and “done” sections.

3. Learn a New Language

How many times have you told yourself “I’d like to learn xyz language, but…”? I’ve yet to hear a single reason for not learning a language.

Learning a new language opens up a world of new, exciting opportunities – allows you to understand a certain culture(s), helps to find new friends and gives your brain a boost. Actually, numerous studies have demonstrated the cognitive benefits of learning another language, which are plenty – memory improvements, longer attention span and a significantly reduced risk of age-related cognitive decline.

2 months of constant (i.e. every 2 or every 3 day) language classes will allow you to at least learn the basics of the chosen language which would be quite pleasing and encouraging to use if you decide to visit the country where that language is used. And hey, resources are plentiful and even free – just turn on YouTube and start learning now!

4. Invest

One of the best and perhaps most important things you can do to ensure your healthy financial state is to start investing now. Don’t wait for the better time, don’t wait for the raise or the next salary: better start small, but start now.

2 months is a significant time to educate yourself to feel more knowledgeable and financially literate. Use that time to learn and experiment with small amounts.

The best time is not going to come because the best time is already now.

5. Believe in Yourself

If you don’t believe in yourself, who else will?

2 months or 8 weeks is enough time to build your self-confidence that will develop long-term mental health benefits.

If you are not self-confident enough, you’ll break like a twig the first time you’re challenged and face an obstacle. If you want to go far, you have to learn to trust yourself, believe in yourself and have the courage. To do so… look at #1 – facing your fears.

You are your own masterpiece. Only you are both the master, and the piece at the same time: it is up to you how you create yourself and which direction you head. Choose the habits wisely!

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