Being Together

She always valued the time they spent together. They would spend hours and hours talking, discussing the important issues they both would be contemplating about, drinking white Chardonnay and dreamily vanishing into each others bodies and souls. Sometimes, they would simply forget they have been talking for such a long time, until they noticed a sunshine outside. They would enjoy being together. Both of them would enjoy being together.

She loved the times he would touch her skin with his fingertips – fingertips only! – and she would get funny-looking goosebumps afterwards. He would usually do that in order to replace her alarm clock. She was afraid of tickling so he found a perfect tool to wake her up when she needed to…

ketchup mustard and a couple in love

When they were together, nothing else but they existed. When they were together, it was just him and her, and their togetherness. Sometimes, when they were dining outside, he would put some ketchup on her nose and would tenderly kiss it off…

When they were together, they would keep looking into each others eyes looking for more love, for more inspiration. Have you ever heard a saying that people, who are in love, only need air and their love? That was a saying about them. Without a doubt.


Viktorija Gorcakovaite

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