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I personally have recently become a huge fan of masks and moisturizers. However, I find that majority of commercial masks are really expensive, and, to be honest, only a small amount of them are good. If you find yourself in a similar situation like me, it could be a good idea to listen to our grandmothers’ advice on how to have a flawless skin with the help of products that all of us have in the fridge.[email protected]/

Eye tips

If you happen to have dark cicles under your eyes, the best idea would be to spoil the gentle eye area with a simple mask. Try a mixture of tomato and some lemon juice. Put it on your eye area, leave it for a minute or two and wash it off. Another simple mask would be made out potato. Simply grate a small potato and put it on your eyes. If you happen to have puffy, swollen-looking eyes, you could use cucumber (simply put some slices of it on your eyes) or chilled tea bags (put a couple of used tea bags in a freezer and then use it on your eye area).

Make your own face wash

Did you know that a cheap breakfast dish, oatmeal, is perfect for your skin? The whole bag (about 2kgs) cost only 8-10 kr! If you want to be a natural beauty, you can make your own facial wash out of oatmeal yourself. Just take some uncooked oatmeal, mix it with some warm water and use it to wash your face. It has wonderful benefits, as it reduces redness, calms it and even protects your skin from UV damage!

Save some money and make your own facial mist

If you purchase facial creams and moisturizers and know what your local drugstore has to offer, you have probably noticed how expensive facial mists are. Even though facial mists are amazing to refresh your skin during the hot weather but oh, seriously, the cheapest one in Denmark I have seen is about 80kr! Good news is, that you can make your own natural beauty spray. Mix three parts of the filtered water to one part of the aloe vera juice and spill it in a small spray bottle. Another simple recipe: take some rosebuds and boil them in a small amount of water. Use it when it cools down. Such facial spray will help you feel and smell fresh!

Exfoliate your skin

Cut an orange in half and use it to rub on your elbows and needs to exfoliate dry and dead skin. It will make the dry parts smooth and tender. If you don’t have a fresh orange, you can do exactly the same with a kiwi fruit!

Get rid of old skin

Commercial face and body scrubs might be expensive. If you want to save some money yet still want to pamper yourself a little, don’t throw away the coffee leftovers. Scrub your body and face with it and wash it off. Another simple homemade scrub recipe: take 2 big spoons of sugar and any kind of natural oil (such as coconut, olive, almond or so) and mix well. Apply on your face and body, scrub and wash it off. Your skin will not only be washed and will smell like heaven, but while scrubbing it you will stimulate blood circulation, which is essential for flawless skin.

The most important thing to remember is, that spring and summer gives us a range of fresh fruits and vegetables, so we should use this amazing gift from nature in order to become healthier and feel as well as look good. Try to keep as natural as possible in order to refresh and rejuvenate your skin!

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