Barbara i Gongini: Stunning Theatrical Show of Nordic Avant-garde Designer

Barbara I Gongini is a Faroese brand based in Denmark, known for their avant-garde and minimalistic yet experimenting with shape and form projects.

Barbara I Gongini Man

Barbara Gongini, the creative director of the brand, draws inspiration from Nordic heritage, which the artist itself describes as simplistic, yet complex in form and emanating dark melancholy. The brand offers clothing for man and women, but within both lines the collections have androgynous character.

I was amazed by the spring/summer 2014 collection presented in Copenhagen’s City Hall during the Copenhagen Fashion Week; it was a journey to another aesthetic dimension. The models walking on the catwalk looked like from another world. The construction covering the heads and faces of the models looked like futuristic armory. The innovative and unexpected shapes and texture of the clothing made a compelling impression.

Barbara Gongini

The projects are always monochromatic in colours; the collection presented on Copenhagen Fashion Week was almost entirely in black.

Just like all the previous collections, it referred to what Barbara Gongini calls the DNA of the brand, namely the squares, asymmetry and sustainability.

The brand known for the their ethical and sustainable character was nominated for the Ethical Award by the Danish Fashion Award Committee is also a member of Next Generation Bright Green Fashion , and was in 80% sustainable.

Haven’t attended Copenhagen Fashion Week? The collection presented at the Copenhagen Fashion Week can be found here.

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