Are You a Workaholic?

Being happy and satisfied about your career choice and your job is very laudatory. Yet everything, where the word “too” comes in, is not good at all. Neither for your health, nor personal life. Working too much is a huge issue, that can affect your life negatively. In Japanese language even a word, meant for such situation exists. Japanese would try to frighten a workaholic person with the word karōshi  - death from work, or simply, working until the instant, unexpected death in a young age.

Do your friends and relatives complain that the last time they saw you, was 2 years ago, when you accidentally bumped into them in the city center? When it comes to workaholism, specialists claim that there are 10 symptoms which you should be aware of. If you realize at least a couple of bullet points are about you: it could be the right time to plan your next holidays ASAP…

* You have no hobbies. If the only answer you give, when asked what are your hobbies, is “job”, that is not good at all. Remember, the time you are spending from 9am to 5pm is not your leisure. It’s a job. And even though your job can give you a great satisfaction, it is not a sufficient hobby for such an interesting and goal-reaching person like you.

* You skip lunch just to have some extra time to work on the tasks you want to accomplish. A lot of people think that the only way to to do that is to have more working hours, but try to be strategic: well-planned time pays off.

* You are the first who comes to your workplace and the last who leaves. You probably like to have a quiet half an hour before everyone comes, when the office is empty, but don’t make it a habit.

* You choose to postpone your holidays and you’ve been doing so for a while. Even though you know and realize that your productivity would increase after a week or two off, you still choose to work instead of relaxing and even make fun of your colleagues, who are posting their holiday pictures on various social media platforms.

* Not only that you refuse to have holidays, but you also wake up and go to an office while having a viscous snot under your nose and a sore throat. Remember: your health is more important than your job. Going to work while sick may not only bring you serious health issues, but may also infect your colleagues. Not cool at all…

* You are not satisfied with your results. Whereas your colleagues and your boss praise you, you are still left with the disappointed and believe you could have done better. That is why you work even more to achieve the results you think and expect to achieve.

* You are not sharing the tasks with your colleagues. You think that you will do everything on your own and therefore your boss will appreciate it. In a way that is true – the more you are able and willing to do, the better you become. But remember that being a team player means a lot…

* You have never said “no” to your boss and colleagues. If your boss wants to give you more tasks to accomplish, you gladly take all of them. If your new colleague does not understand something, you are rushing to help. Remember: you are not a superman or a superwoman. You might pretend to be one for a while and might actually succeed, but your human powers will win in any case.

* You feel tired. If you wake up and after 2 huge cups of coffee your bed and pillow still seems to be inviting you to cuddle, you might night to rest. People, who are not willing to rest, are suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and have numerous digestion problems.

* You do not call yourself a workaholic and if someone does, you instantly get insulted. Try to evaluate your working situation and if you feel tired, talk to your boss about a day off, without your job, computer and a phone, simply with lots of sleep and a book. It may help.

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