Are Danish Men Metrosexual?

I remember the times I lived in Switzerland. Since Italy wouldn’t be that far (only 350km until Milano and 400km until Genoa), I visit Italy once in a while. Back then I would wonder why all the clothing chains are filled with clothes for men and why, for God’s sake, all the men look so feminine? Excuse my Lithuanian upbringing, but my grandmother and mother would definitely perceive a man in a pink jacket and with 2 bottles of hair wax in his hair being homesexual. And so did I, until I realized those men are… metrosexual. Let’s dig deeper into vocabulary and their closets.

What is metrosexual?

A word “metrosexual” is derived from two English words: “metropolitan” and “heterosexual”. Such word describes a man who is very meticulous about his appearance and loves shopping. The term “metrosexual” is sometimes mixed up with homosexual, even though the term doesn’t have anything to do with homosexualism as metrosexual man might be of any sexual orientation. Looking from the literature’s perspective one would find the most associations with Narcissism, which is a concept created by Austrian neurologist and psychoanalyst Freud, who defined Narcissism as a  of a person who is in love with himself). as erotic interest in oneself, one’s physical appearance and craving for admiration.

Metrosexualism = taking care of yourself?

He follows the fashion. He knows what colors, patterns and styles are the most fashionable this season. He takes care of his hair, skin and spends at least 15 min of his time daily in front of the mirror. It is relatively easy to confuse metrosexual with homosexual due to (slightly bit) feminine behavior and attention to oneself. Yet the big difference is that homosexual man loves men whereas metrosexual loves… himself.

I remember my old friend from Italy would usually use foundation to perfect his skin. “Honey, it’s nothing bad if a man wants to be attractive”, he would mumble while patting his cheeks with a huge sponge from the pressed mat powder. Even though I would agree that men should, and probably do want to be handsome, but one thing for sure – I do not want to boyfriend spend longer time in front of a mirror in a bathroom than I do. For sure.

Nothing new at all…

Let’s be right: there’s actually nothing new in that men take care of themselves. Back in Egyptian times faraos would wear make up and Romans would color their hair. According to psychologists, every era has it’s popular male looks and criteria. Not too long ago macho type of man was idolized, and then it turned out that there are men who like shopping, beauty procedures and fashion. Men have also became more sensitive and straightforward. You might ask who is “guilty” for that?..

Are Danish men metrosexual?

Danish men do certainly take care of themselves. You can see a number of men with fashionable clothes all around the Denmark. They wear navy sweaters and black skinny jeans. They carry a large brown leather bag and have their hair done. They smell “Dior” or “Chanel” and have the most fashionable classes, enframing their faces and showing off the best facial features.

Could feminists be blamed for such a change? Probably. Many researchers, at least, would claim so. They would also say that women, starting from the twentieth century, started invading traditional male spheres and stopped displaying their feminine qualities. Even Mark Simpson, who came up with the term “metrosexual”, claimed, “the more independent, wealthy and bossy women become, the stronger their desire is to have an attractive, gorgeous and well-dressed partner by their side”…

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