The Advantages Of… Sleeping Naked

If you happen to be searching for new nighties, leave it for the intimate evening to seduce your boyfriend. According to scientists, there are more advantages of sleeping naked![email protected]/

If you decide to sleep naked, the quality of your sleeping time will increase significantly. Well, thinking that you spend nearly all your life while wearing something, it becomes obvious why…

According to scientists, while sleeping naked our bodies are able to maintain the normal body temperature, therefore you will neigher feel too cold nor hot. In addition, sleeping naked increases skin elasticity. All this is due to the fact that bodies are able to maintains normal skin temperature.

Once you sleep naked, it is said that your skin will become a little more sensitive.

Besides, it is said that couples, sleeping naked, can enjoy a better sex since skin contact stimulates oxytocin secretion which consecquently lets you both enjoy better, more passionate sex.

And all in all, I bet the ones who have established the “no-clothing-blanket-rule” would probably agree with me that sleeping naked increases your self-confidence since you appreciate your as well as your partners body as you see it before going to sleep and when waking up. And what are your sleeping habits? 

Viktorija Gorcakovaite

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