ACAI Cream Soap From Rudolph Care

In the very beginning, I was a bit cautious, and caught myself wondering if one should actually buy luxurious hand soap. I wouldn’t have done it, yet having a chance to try Cream Soap from Rudolph Care and using the hand cream changed my mind; I could see an instant result as my hands became much softer.

Cream soap

In my teenage years, I had a quite common problem that sometimes still keeps showing up: red hands. I wasn’t used to wearing warm gloves and would generally wear more fashionable things, instead of something that is warm. I got myself into trouble: the skin of my hands would usually be a little more red compared to the skin of my arms and body. My hands would get red when it’s warmer or colder than normal, so I did have troubles finding the right skin care that would not irritate my already irritated skin.¬† I have tried a number of hand creams that supposedly should have helped me, but the result was not as satisfactory as I expected.

The hand cream is rich in vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants that have anti-aging and revitalizing properties.

I cannot say much about the soap itself, as I used it together with the hand cream right after washing my hands. Yet the cream soap has a very nice consistency and no smell, and it looked like my hands liked the combination of hand cream and cream soap. With the usage of these two products, my hands became softer and less irritated than usual.

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