ACAI Body Oil From Rudolph Care

ACAI Body Oil from Rudolph Care seems to have won the prize of “Luxury bodycare product of the year” with a good reason: it’s incredibly smooth and moisturizing. Even though I had my doubts before the usage, I was left extremely satisfied after I tried it. Out of all the Rudolph Care products I tried, its Anti-Stress Facial Cream was my favorite product and Body Oil was my second favorite.

Acai body oil

It is said that with the usage of ACAI Body Oil, the elasticity of the skin will increase considerably and the skin will get a shiny glow. It is easy-to-apply. I personally tried the oil after having taking a shower. I could see that after a week of the product usage, the skin on my legs became much smoother. Besides, the oil does not have any smell, so it could be a good choice for women that have sensitive skin or allergies.

Since I am a huge fan of massage, I found that this particular oil can replace a massage oil nicely. Massage oil generally only hydrates skin, but ACAI body oil moistures and leaves it smooth and soft to touch, and the skin absorbs the oil amazingly quickly.

Rudolph Care seems to be in love with the ACAI berry, which is the cornerstone of all their products. ACAI is a tiny small berry that is rich in antioxidants, which protects the skin from damage caused by sunlight and oxygen.

The use of the ACAI Body Oil gives a great luxury experience: the easy-to-use yet luxurious package design, smooth texture and amazing after-use effect definitely satisfies customers.

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