ACAI Anti-stress Facial Cream From Rudolph Care

I am not a big fan of facial creams, since they usually leave my face moisturized but greasy. Consequently, if my friends happen to be taking pictures of me, I seem to have an extremely greasy face. Yet I am happy to have tried Acai anti-stress cream, since it moistures yet keeps the face dry enough.

Anti stress cream

To be honest, out of the products that I tried, the anti-stress facial cream is my favorite product from Rudolph Care. It’s extremely nourishing and controls the oils on the face. After using the cream, my facial powder stayed longer and my forehead did not get oily as quickly as usual. I could also see that my skin was not irritated. Usually, my nose is very dry, so one thing I was concerned about is whether the facial cream would be good enough to keep my nose moist, so that I would not have any flakey skin on it. Guess what – my nose looked and felt amazing!

Both I (young skin) and my mother (mature skin) tried it. After 5 days of use, one could spot that my skin became smoother and softer. The cream also controlled the oils on my skin. My mother (she has also tried it for 5 days) claimed that the cream has smoothed her skin, and that her skin felt richer, a little more elastic and soft.

The anti-stress facial cream seems to deliver nourishment to the face quickly – and one can see the results in a short time. It is simply an organic facial goodie that I fell in love with. I usually am quite picky about the facial creams, but I must admit that this cream scores 5 points out of 5. Well done, Rudolph Care! Amazing product indeed.

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