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Together with Spring comes the festival season, and in Aarhus it starts with the Aarhus Sustainability Festival, which offers a great variety of live concerts, lectures, workshops, movie screenings, Jungle Party, Sustainable Fashion Show, a second hand market, and a bicycle auction.

rethink Sustainability

It is the second edition of the festival, which was first launched in May 2012.  This year, the festival takes place from the 12th til 14th of April and is situated in Godsbanen, a newly established center for cultural production in the center of the city.

The Aarhus Sustainability Festival is an initiative created to raise awareness about the environment, sustainable initiatives and local solutions to global problems.

For those who have never thought about the sustainability, and to whom the concept seems quite vague, the festival offers an opportunity  to learn more about the concept from internationally recognized speakers and awarded documentaries, while at the same time enjoying  21 life concerts, tasty food, great deals at the second hand bazaar and bike auction, and gaining some new skills from the 16 workshops offered at the festival, such as bike repair, or making a hand bag from recycled clothes.

One of the movies to be shown is Future My Love,  by Maja Borg, a poetic ‘experimental documentary’  which explores, in light of the global economic collapse, alternatives to monetary capitalism and, in particular, the work of the sprightly 93-year-old futurist and social engineer, Jacque Fresco.  Another interesting proposition is “The Light Bulb Conspiracy”, a story of companies who design their products to fail.

Amongst the bands, there are Kids of the Wood, Simon Doer, Small Time Giants, INAJI, Captain Casanova, and Blue Shadow Caravan.  Some of the symposiums and lectures are led in English, amongst them a very interesting ‘The Rethink Symposium’ with Michael Braungart.

The festival also has something to offer for families with kids; some of the workshops are dedicated to kids, such as the Broderi Moderne – where attendants use embroidery to add sustainable solutions to images of Århus -, Animation Workshop and Circus Mærkbar.

The full programme of the festival is available at:
and the facebook profile

Some of the events are free of charge: the Swapping Market, the Second Hand Market, the Bicycle Auction and the Trade Expo.  The price for the whole 3 days of the festival is 120 dkk /90 dkk for students, or one day for 80dkk / 60dkk for students.  The tickets can also be purchased at the entrance and on billeto.dk.

Volunteer for the Aarhus Sustainability Festival.

The Aarhus Sustainability Festival is made entirely by volunteers, both Danish and international, so you have the possibility to really do and learn a lot.  There are three ways of volunteering; the most interesting and the most rewarding is to take part in the whole process of planning and arranging the festival. What makes volunteering for the Aarhus Sustainability Festival special is the central role of volunteers, thus all the volunteers ideas are heard and appreciated.  Another way is to volunteer during the festival from the 12th til 14th of April.  Finally, for the ones who don’t have much time but would really like to help, there is an opportunity to become the ambassador for the Festival and promote the festival.
As a volunteer, you meet great people.  Enjoy the festival, get some work experience, and enjoy the whole festival free of charge.  Do not be discouraged if you do not speak Danish, the working language is English and the volunteers are both Danish and international.

Many of the internationals living in Denmark notice how difficult it is to make Danish friends or to find a job in Denmark.  Volunteering is a great way to overcome these difficulties.
Molly, one of the internationals volunteering at the festival, noticed that ”Employers are keen on hiring potential employees that go that extra kilometre and are passionate.  Volunteering demonstrates both of these qualities.  Volunteering for the Aarhus Sustainability Festival has given me Danish work experience on my CV. The Danish workplace is unique, and I hope that this experience will make it easier for me to settle into a job in the future.”
Most of all, volunteering is also a way to meet like-minded people and broaden your social network, learn and have a great time.

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