Aarhus Fashion Week February 2013

Aarhus Fashion Week this year seems to be interesting though relatively quiet since major as well as starting Danish designers are offering their unique garnets for larger audiences and single customers do not have a chance to visit trade fairs.

Aarhus Fashion Week

Garnets by Sofie Schnoor

Having visited the fair at one of the most central locations in Aarhus, Centralværksteted, one could make a conclusion that designers have become inspired by many different nature and human activities, which can be seen on clothes made of durable, high-quality.

One of the most inspiring and elegant stands, to my mind, was by DYRBERG/KERN, a company that produces modern and contemporary luxury jewelry.


Jewelry by Dyrberg/Kern

jewelry 2

Jewelry by Dyrberg/Kern

Yet other participants can amaze with the edgy stylish looks. One of my favorites were garnets of a designer Sofie Schnoor (see the top picture) who presented a collection of classical though fashionable garnets for women as well as lovely collection for children. Lovely indeed.

Visit http://www.anra.lt/cv/ for more information about the brands and the exposition, which will last until the 22nd of February.

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