8 Simple Methods To Change Your Looks

I bet, when spring comes, all women are craving for some kind of change in their looks. The other day I saw a friend of mine with a completely different haircut. “Oh wow, why?”, couldn’t come up with anything better. “Oh well, you know, spring is here so I needed to change!”, she answered with a smile. If you are not ready for any drastic changes yet want to look a little different, we’ve got a piece of advice how to look different using the tools you probably already have.



1. Don’t use too much powder. Since the weather is getting hotter and hotter, let your skin breath. Try using lots of moisturizers and facial mists instead and avoid powder as much as possible. If you’ve got some blemishes, I’d rather advice using a special pencil to hide pimples and blemishes instead of putting powder on the whole face.

2. No more boring hair! Try a chic messy bun. If your hair can be described as “long and boring”, make a messy bun and put a nice bow or some kind of bun decoration on top. Simple, comfy, classy and stylish!

3. Try using colorful eyeliners. If you don’t want anything too cheeky, try using silver or brown colors. Also, don’t only make one line, but try something new, such as a double line, half-line or straight line.

4. Try using two different mascara’s at once. It is a perfect choice for a dramatic eye look. If you are courageous enough, try colorful mascara on top of black mascara.

5. Start using white eyeshadow. White eyeshadow will make your eyes look larger and fresh. Simply put a little on top of your eyelid and spread all over the eyelid.

6. Spring and summer must be the best time to try new hair products. Choose the one that fits your hair type best. If you have tiny hair, try hair foam that will make your hair look big and fluffy. If you are gifted and have naturally big hair, try different sprays and gels. It’ll make your hair glow.

7. Since we soon are going to start wearing sunglasses, you should realize that the whole accent of your make up should be lips. Try using different shades of lipsticks and lipglosses until you find your 2-3 favorite ones.

8. Fresh springish looks would always include soft curls. Since spring and summer is all about being natural, you might one to try an old-fashioned method to get curls. It will not even damage your hair! Cut some fabric into strips and roll the hair up. Sleep in the rags overnight and – voila – you will have amazing loose curls!

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