The Season Of “50 shades of Grey” Has Begun

Autumn. Rainy, moody, cold and grey. No one knows whether a worldwide known erotic romance novel, called “Fifty Shades of Grey” has inspired designers, but this season the phenomena of grey seems to be on top – both in fashion world and… in personal lives depicting hot temper and emotions, we suppose.

Designer Romana Correale

Grey – a subtle color of autumn landscape

Grey is thought it be a mixture of two classical (business) colors: black and white.  Grey color belongs to a palette of neutral colors; it is subtle, exquisite and simply perfect for both sporty and casual as well as business style. To some extend we could argue that grey is a color of Danish landscape. Just like a consultant and journalist Kay Xander Mellish pointed out – Danes dress to match the Danish landscape, which means grey with the minor accents of brown, green and some blue. This autumn it seems that grey has been taking over the catwalks all around the world.

Sweatshirt with lace by H&M

Sweatshirt with lace by H&M
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Pattern knitted sweater Get the sweater

Pattern knitted sweater
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Grey = comfort and convenience

Grey garments are versatile, they are easily matched with the rest of outfit as long as the rest of garments, that one is wearing, are not too vibrant (e.g. pink, baby blue, etc). If you choose neutral color palette, then stick with it and bring on 1, max 2 pieces of vibrant colors, such as red or deep forest green. Even though grey color might seem boring, we assure that grey you will not get bored by wearing grey garments as you can always give the outfit a new look by adapting it to your current mood. Long interesting earrings, a vibrant scarf, interesting brooch or a comfortable and interesting bag and you have the whole new look!

Brown-grey sweater by H&M Get the sweater

Brown-grey sweater by H&M
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Grey cardigan by H&M Get the cardigan

Soft grey cardigan by H&M
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Grey has a number of shades (I bet more than fifty…) as well as undertones – slightly greenish, wet pavement grey, navy-grey, dark and nearly black grey… The most important is to choose a subtle grey shirt and a sweater. Choose a simple pattern and match it with the classic skirt or pants to create elegant style, wear the same shirt with the shorts and massive jewelry to create and outstanding rock style.

You should not think that grey outfit will make you boring and “lost”. Grey is very universal, as it goes well with nearly all colors. Besides, big grey cardigans and pullovers are a must-have this autumn.

Grey inspiration on Pinterest: check it out here.

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