6 Inspiring Lunchbox Meals

Ease, comfort, little preparation required and a bit of a wow factor – these are a few things that all of us are looking for in a lunchbox. Unfortunately, little to no time in the evening does not ease our lives and we often end up eating a boring-looking sandwich or some tasteless meal in a nearby canteen. If you happen to be facing the longest week ever – we’ve got a few of healthy ideas for your lunchbox to bring it to another level. A few minutes well-spent in the evening can definitely make you excited so that you’d wait for your lunch break to come faster.

From vibrant vegan salads to fulfilling stews – here are a few of our favorites this year that will make your tummy happy and will make your colleagues ask what’s that crazy good-looking food on your plate.

1. Roasted Butternut Squash Salad

Source: Oh She Glows

Source: Oh She Glows

I don’t need as many ingredients as you think to make one wow-of-a-meal. This roasted butternut salad is extremely fulfilling, nutritious and very, very tasty – exactly something what you need for your 20 minutes break.

2. Thai Salad With Peanut Tempeh

Rich in protein, spicy and fulfilling – is there anything else that you’d want for your healthy lunch at work? Data, of Minimalist Baker, recommends eating the salad with peanut tempeh and some extra peanut sauce. Droool.

3. Stuffed Peppers

If you’re in the mood for something simple and easy, time to stuff your peppers! The dish is filled with extremely nutritious quinoa, kale and cashews – an amazing mix of tasty and valuable proteins for your lunch. If you’re craving for some freshness on a side, a small bowl of tomato-avocado salad will serve well.

4. Loaded Sweet Potato

Source: Kara Lydon

Source: Kara Lydon

The ultimate loaded sweet potato – packed with protein and carbs and topped off with green sauce. If you’re like me (who likes to eat big, nice & fulfilling meals for lunch) – this rich loaded potato is a perfect choice. Bet your colleagues will ask for a tiny bite, too!

5. Pizza Burrito With Pizza Sauce

Craving for something tasty and a bit junky? Here you go – a pizza burrito, or… Pizzarito! Described as the ultimate comfort food for the busy person, this low-far (whaaaat?) pizza burrito will  definitely please your taste buds.

6. Quiche With Asparagus And Tomatoes

Source: Vegan Heaven

Source: Vegan Heaven

If you are like me and you enjoy warm lunches with some fresh salad, give it a go for some yummy quiche. It’s easy-to-make and And, most importantly, since it has an egg-y taste, you’ll kill two birds with one stone (not directly, hopefully) as you’ll have some food for breakfast AND lunch since it’s just perfect for both!

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