24h Of Intensive Training

24 hours of amazing fitness experience for a good cause: support the ones fighting cancer, why not?! 280 people from all around Denmark in Herning, DGI huset on 6-7th of April got together for an amazing event supporting women fighting breast cancer.

24 hour training

It was impressive that a bunch of people organized and event, got well-known fitness instructors from Scandinavia to participate for free and all the money paid for participating, massages and other things were donated for the foundation. In the end 180 000 DKK have been raised! To be honest, I am always very skeptical about donating money as I feel that I can’t donate enough to make a difference but at that very moment when the organizers handed out a check for such big amount of money it made me so proud that I have been part of this and I did make a difference by participating.

It is amazing how crazy people are! You would say 24 hours of fitness is a bit too optimistic? The way it worked was that we participated in teams; I was part of a team with 5 members, so each of us divided classes (28 in total). The fitness classes offered were all by Les Mills, a very well known brand that issues different fitness classes such as: Body Combat, Body Attack, Body Pump, Body Jam, RPM, Body Flow, etc. It was truly an amazing experience to see the best instructors in Scandinavia, to feel how much fitness means to them and how much they enjoy it.

24h of training

So we started our warm up on the roof of the DGI huset (!), how amazing is that? People were dressed up with to make their team look the coolest. In the mean time when your team members participated in a class we were able to use all the swimming pools, saunas and relax.

When the last Body Combat song finished and the instructors screamed out “Klokken er 12kl, vi er færdig!” – I truly got tears in my eyes, feeling amazingly proud of myself as I was way too optimistic that I can do almost 12 hours of fitness in 24 hours, and at the same time feeling so happy that at least this is how I can support and help women fighting cancer.

Egle Mockeviciute

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