10 Things Men Wish Women Would Know

It is no longer a surprise that men think differently than women. Most of these differences are known but others remain a mystery. Let us hear some opinions from men of what they wish their partners would know.

1. Respect Me, Please

A man would rather feel unloved than non-respected. Men need to know that their lovers respect them both in public and private. They get strength and feel much more secure when they know that their partners admire them and trust them.

2. Think Of What You Say

The lack of security and respect in a men’s life will result in various types of rage. Therefore think twice about some words flung by because it just might just be enough.

3. Boost My Self-Esteem

Men are insecure, especially when in love. Men statistically fear more failure in life than women do. Therefore will need that extra bit of self esteem from their partners in order to conquer the world.

4. Help Me, When Needed

Most men feel pressured by the archetypal standard  of being the men of the house, they are programmed to sustain their families and deliver them only the best. When this is not possible  stress and anxiety settle in. This is when a woman is needed the most to appreciate them and strengthen them up. Gender roles might have become equal but the way each instinct is acting has not.

5. Make Me Feel Wanted

Men have a higher sex drive. And this is biologically known, but not always necessarily because of those matters. They generally want more sex in a relationship because they want to feel they belong to someone, to feel loved and wanted.

6.    Care About Me

When sex is more than just the simple act, it usually is to fulfill some kind of insecurity , or the way he genuinely shows he cares. Any healthy relationship has at the core of it good chemistry in bed .

7.   Dress Up & Make Me Crazy

Men, as women, have their temptations. In men visual temptations are a bit more powerful though. They respond to  visual desires at a primitive level, such as the brain triggers hunger. These could sometimes become  uncontrollable and take a while to be processed by the unconscious, to let them know if it is a good or bad thing and how to react to it.

8.   Gimme Some Romance

Men like and want romance in their love life. Although they don’t have the trust in themselves that they have the capacity to be true romantics. Of course they try and practice , but it is always a bit too hard to focus and nail each movement and signal sent, especially in front of something they love or in a situation where they feel nervous and don’t exactly know what they are doing. Simply they don’t want to look like a fool in front of you.

9.  Put That Lipstick On

Men, contrary to what they say, do care how their girlfriends look. That doesn’t mean you have to look like an actress or a supermodel, they just want you to remain the same girl they used to date and in response they’ll do the extra mile to look how you want if not imposed on them. If he tells you that a certain dress or this particular lipstick looks fabulous on you do put it on from time to time (even if you’re not too fond of it) just to make him feel special. He will appreciate it.

10. Let Me Love You

Men wish to always make their girlfriends feel loved and appreciated. They don’t think they always have the capacity to do that , but in their own way they do little gestures to show they care. They’ll always do something that had a great response from your behalf therefore give them the hints, they’ll be grateful for it as they can’t read minds.

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