1 Day Destination: Malmö

When living in Copenhagen, there must be a really good reason to not travel to Malmö – the Swedish city approximately the size of Aarhus is located only 40 minutes train ride away from Copenhagen Central Station, with a return ticket costing less than 200 kr. So, before you even notice – you will be on the other side of the bridge at Malmö Central Station.

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If your primary goal is shopping, then step off the train a bit earlier – at Hyllie Station. Here you will find a large shopping centre, Emporia, which, with its 200 shops, cafés and services offers the broadest choice in whole Scandinavia. Prices are on the same level as the Danish ones, although, due to exchange rate, you can count on 10-15% discount.

Malmo shops

Malmö Central Station will lead directly to the old part of the town.  Just on the outskirt of the old town you will see an old castle. The castle itself is small, and there is not much left besides fortress, but inside there is a museum, which is definitely worth to see. You can find there almost everything – from small aquarium to animal displays, painting of Swedish artists to furniture of the 18th century, and, one of my favourites – 20’s exhibition. The halls are filled with jazz tunes, specially fitting for display of dresses, accessories and other remarkable innovations of this decade.

rainy Malmo

streets in Malmo


Outside of the castle you will step into the heart of the old town. Here, between traditional Scandinavian buildings and roads, covered with paving stones you can find some cosy cafes, small shops with traditional food and pastry and other museums and historical places. Have a glance on some beautiful Swedish jewellery in Art Nouveau style at Lotta Jewellery shop and taste some of delicious cakes of Hollandia pastry shop.

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